Seaford Half Marathon 2019

By Mike Osman

​​Laura Thom and I decided to challenge ourselves to complete the Seaford Half Marathon consisting of around 250 participants. A day perfect for running, mostly sunny with a light breeze to keep us nicely cool going round. It treated us to a beautiful mix of coastal views, countryside footpaths, and multiple but varied hills to ascend and descend to test our endurance to the maximum. 

We set out from the start line at 9:00 a.m. beginning on a flat coastal length before embarking inland through a delightful countryside course that was well marked and well marshalled. There were water and juice stations set up at 4 ideally spaced locations to provide all the necessary hydration throughout the run. A thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere and great support as we crossed more public foot pathed areas and a few animals for company as well, including this mean-looking cow that seemed intent on guarding this gate that I had to get through! As the run drew to its climax we pushed over our final hill climbing to the peak of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters to take in a view worth capturing, before a steep descent down the other side to the bottom, feeding you with adrenaline for the rest of the route along the coast and to the finish line to receive our finishers medals. More very gratefully received drinks, biscuits and bananas awaited us at the finish, and even the possibility to buy a nice warmly made crepe with a selection of fillings to choose…. Hmmm yum!

Both I and Laura finished with very respectable times. I had a time of 1:48 and Laura hit a PB of 2:21. Confirmation of exact timings and finishing places shall be confirmed and available to view on the events website by 12 noon this Wednesday. 

An awesome event! Stunning views, a great challenge, and at £17 entry an absolute steal for a half marathon, I would highly recommend

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