Important Documents

To operate successfully and ensure the safety of our members there are some important documents you need to know about: and be familiar with. These include how to join the club and registering inhalers to understanding the policies and procedures in place at our headquarters at the Worthing Rugby Football Club.

Club Rules

​As recommended by Run England Athletics for the health and safety of club members our rules are simple:

  1. On training nights when dark, members should wear fluorescent vests or other suitable clothing to ensure that they can be clearly seen.
  2. To follow the Highway Code while training and to ensure road safety rules are adhered to.
  3. On training nights runners should not wear headphones, for safety and communication with others.
  4. On training nights, all members should take equal responsibility for ensuring that no runners are left behind at the back of the group​.
  5. Members must not run under another runner’s race place or allow other runners to run under their race place.
  6. All accidents must be reported and recorded.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Our Constitution

Our constitution defines how we as a club operate. We are affiliated to England Athletics (EA) and UK Athletics (UKA).

Grievance and Disciplinary Policy

We ensures prompt and appropriate handling of all complaints and disputes, including misconduct and safeguarding issues, through established procedures and mediation, in line with the club’s and EA’s policies.

Inclusion Policy

We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment in athletics and running, ensuring accessibility and equal opportunities for all, irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, or other characteristics, in compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Health & Safety Policy

The health, well-being, and safety of every individual, including members of the public, are our top priorities.

Legal Status Statement

Worthing Striders is an unincorporated not-for-profit association with no special tax status.