Darren’s Marathon Journey

In a remarkable feat of endurance and commitment, Worthing Striders’ very own Darren Winter, a 53-year-old company director, has achieved an incredible milestone in the world of long-distance running. Darren, known for his passion for sports, has completed a staggering 64 marathons in a single year, including an Ironman triathlon in Italy, showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of the Striders community.

The journey started when Darren met David Lewis, affectionately known as ‘Mr. Marathon’, at a local gym. This encounter in 2019 sparked a deep friendship and a healthy rivalry, pushing both to achieve more. Their initial goal to complete 52 marathons in as many weeks soon escalated to an astounding 12 marathons in 12 days, covering an average of 30 miles daily.

Darren’s achievements extend beyond personal milestones. As a member of Worthing Striders, Darren embodies the club’s ethos of community involvement and charitable efforts. His participation in the 2024 London Marathon will support the Herts MS Therapy Centre, a testament to how our club members leverage their passion for running to make a positive impact.

Join the Journey

Darren’s story is a shining example of the spirit that drives Worthing Striders. Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, our club offers a supportive and inclusive environment to achieve your running goals. For those inspired by Darren’s journey and interested in running for a cause, join us, and let’s stride forward together!

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