Worthing Runfest 2023

At the Worthing Runfest, our Worthing Striders put on an awe-inspiring display of endurance and team spirit. This locally treasured event, with its picturesque course along the Sussex coast, saw our Striders achieving new personal bests, fostering camaraderie, and demonstrating the deep-seated passion for running that our club embodies. Both our experienced runners and enthusiastic newcomers tackled the full marathon, half marathon, and 10k races with admirable determination. Their steadfast strides and resilience were a testament to their physical and mental toughness. The moment of crossing the finish line was imbued with a profound sense of accomplishment, marking yet another memorable chapter in the club’s history. The Worthing Runfest served as a powerful reminder of why we run – for the sheer love of the sport, the unity of our community, and the exhilaration of personal achievement.

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