Windlesham House 4 WSFRL

The Windlesham School 4 Mile West Sussex Fun Run League race saw an impressive turnout, especially from the members of Worthing Striders. With participants from various age groups and abilities, it was truly a day showcasing the diverse community of runners Worthing Striders prides itself on. The atmosphere was electric as runners, both seasoned and newcomers, took to the course with determination and enthusiasm.

For those unfamiliar with Worthing Striders, the club is much more than just about competition. As a friendly running community, they cater to a range of abilities, from novices taking their first steps to seasoned elite athletes. Their dedicated volunteers and coaches provide continuous support, creating a nurturing environment for everyone.

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If you are 18+, you can try the club before committing to becoming a member. Come as a guest to any of our regular sessions and see what you think, just let us know.