Striders Shine in the Heart-Pounding WSFRL Run Your Heart Out 8K

The Worthing Striders recently participated in the “Run Your Heart Out 8K,” hosted by Crawley Run Crew, marking another exciting chapter in the WSFRL competition.

Throughout the race, the Striders showcased the results of their consistent training and the support system built by our coaches and volunteers. Their efforts culminated in a dramatic finish, captured by Film My Run, highlighting the intense but friendly competition as our runners pushed through to the end.

This race was a testament to the club’s ethos of inclusivity and support, where every member, regardless of their level, is encouraged to reach their personal best. The event brought personal achievements, new friendships, and the collective experience of accomplishing something significant together.

We’re proud of everyone who participated and grateful for the support from the community. The Worthing Striders continue to welcome anyone interested in running, offering a supportive environment to achieve your running goals.

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