Poppy Half Marathon

Sarah Richards did the poppy half marathon on 10.11.18 and sent in this race report.  Well done to Sarah.

​decided that I really wanted to run this race this year as it is 100 years since the WW1 armistice. With the proceeds going to the British Legion, this was enough inspiration to register for it. 

Race HQ was easy to find, located at the De La Warr Pavilion with plenty of free on-street parking on nearby residential roads. 

Typically I was running late, so I arrived there to pick up my race number with the queues having already disappeared! The baggage drop was also close by so all within easy reach of the start of the race. A last minute toilet stop and I was ready to go.

The start of the race was right outside the De La Warr Pavilion, where members of the armed forces were standing on a stage introducing the race and led everyone in singing the National Anthem which added to the atmosphere of the remembrance weekend. A two minute silence was observed just before the countdown to the start of the race and then everyone was off which proved to be a tough part of the race.

Although warm, the wind proved to be really strong and it felt like I was fighting against it all the way to the first turning point. A constant wind of around 20mph meant that after the first couple of miles I felt almost out of energy. I was relieved to head back eastwards with the wind behind me, hoping it would give me a push back the other way. 

The Poppy half marathon is two big laps and then one shorter lap to the finish which meant each time you had to head west you were up against the strength of the wind. At points along the promenade there was a light covering of shingle which proved tricky to negotiate in Cloud shoes, notorious for getting stones stuck in them! 

As laps go this wasn’t a bad race to do! Three long laps with the sea next to you helps you get in your zone. You can let your mind wander and gaze out to sea if need be! After the final turning point I was glad there was only a mile and a half to go. Exhausted after fighting against the wind, I headed back east towards the finish line. With a slight uphill sprint to the end I was done! 

I was ushered through the pens to a tent where i was handed my medal, a banana milkshake, water and also a choice of pic a mix sweets. Exactly what I needed!

The medal is one the best I have, really chunky and with the fact it is 100 years since the armistice marked on it, quite poignant. Definitely really pleased I ran this one for such a good cause and a really unique medal.

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