Guest Coach

In perfect weather for running, Andy Ward, “Wardy” was introduced to the 30 or so members present.
He gave a brief intro about his passion for coaching, own experiences, esp. Triathlon related and how he’s happy to share.
He explained about his involvement and tuition from Jon Bigg, (Sally Gunnel husband and Mo Farah involvement etc).  
We started with a dynamic warm up with drills, “Korean Death March, “chase the chickens”, “Madness walk”, Skips A, B and C, “Grapevine” (aka “Carioca”), etc.
This was followed with “Strides”, going up through the gears.
The main part of the session consisted of a running circuit (square of about 75m sides), of easy, steady and effort running, with slight uphill and down sections.
The effort part rose from 30 secs, to more time, with easy, then steady recovery between.
Finally, there was a warm down with talk about foot strike on landing when running.
Heel strike, not so good, braking effect. Mid foot and forefoot etc and demonstration of propulsion.
There was also chat, and demonstration, regarding the use of strong elastic type resistance bands and use around your legs (above and below knee), to help Glute issues.
Wardy promised to send links to some of the topics we chatted about, (to follow).
Striders then thanked Wardy, had a group photo (Mary’s camera), and presented him with a £30 “Run” shop voucher.
Steve (Feest)

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If you are 18+, you can try the club before committing to becoming a member. Come as a guest to any of our regular sessions and see what you think, just let us know.